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Greetings Jensen Healey owners! It was 1974 when I bought Jensen Healey 15375 off the new-car lot of Geissler Motor Sports in Walnut Creek California.

What possessed me to do it?

Well, while in college I owned a 1951 MGTD (1966-1967)and never quite got over the feeling of an open top, cranky, classic, English sports car. The Jensen Healey was perfect. It was love at first sight.

Since then, it went from being primary transportation, to secondary transportation, to no transportation. And for the past 12 years was mostly undrivable because of (California) carburetor problems that I could just not understand and overcome. It would run for a while and then just refuse to even start.

Finally, in 2001, I decided and determined to get it back on the road and in reliable driving shape. The start was to convert to Dellorto carburetors, carbs I could understand and work with. Also, since I live in Newark, Delaware it was no longer necessary to have the California emissions systems in place. In early 2002 with the advice and assistance of many people on the Jensen Healey Preservation Society bulletin board, a friend and I got the engine, with new Dellortos up and running.

Since the car sat for many years with little or no attention, there has been much to do to get it in shape.  I have tried to keep track of what I have done and documented it on this web page in hopes that it will be useful to others.  Anyway, the driving I have done has been pure joy. I will be moving to the West Coast next year, Portland, Oregon, and hope I will be able to connect with some other Jensen Healey enthusiasts and events in the near future.

If you have any upgrades or corrections you would like to offer, please e-mail me, John Kimbrough, at jrkengr@hotmail.com


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